Platform SDK: Windows Management Instrumentation


The Wbemcore.log file contains a wide spectrum of trace messages. For example, it records logon attempts as well as capturing why WMI failed to instantiate a class for a provider.

The following table presents some common problems that can occur and offers possible causes and solutions.

Message Explanation and possible solution
DCOM connection from <client name> at authentication level %s, Authnsvc = %d, Authzsvc = %d, Capabilities = %d You must have the logging level set to verbose to receive this log message.

This message indicates which credentials and RPC values were used to connect to WMI. This can be useful when Wbemprox.log contains a connection failure message that was caused by bad credentials.

Error <wmi hresult> occurred executing queued request This log entry is followed by additional details that provide specific trace information for the related WMI HRESULT.
Failed to CoGetClassObject for provider <provider name> error code 0x<COM error number> (<a short explanation>) There are many reasons why WMI may not be able to instantiate the class. The short explanation appended to the message provides information to help identify the error.

This message is also logged in the Windows NT Event log and contains additional information that may be useful.

For more information on the WMI HRESULT contained in the log entry, see WMI Error Constants. You can use the error lookup feature in Visual C++ to determine the error messages for other HRESULT values, such as COM or RPC errors.

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